Roseann, Parma, OH

My first introduction to Reiki was with April Leffler. We were traveling to a T’ai Chi Chih conference in California. On the way, we stopped in the Napa Valley to visit and spend the night. When I woke up the next day the muscle in my upper right arm was sore. As we moved through the morning hours it hurt more and more and it was becoming difficult to move my arm.

One of the ladies suggested I have April do Reiki on my arm to ease the pain. April began to perform Reiki on my arm as the others removed my jacket, bag and watch. She tirelessly stood in the middle of the parking lot attending to my arm for 45 minutes and moved the pain from my upper arm down to my wrist before we joined the others in the car. By the time we reached our destination a couple of hours later, all pain had dissolved.

April and her Reiki have rated at the top of my healer chart ever since that day in July of 2001.