What is Reiki? (pronounced “ray-key”)

Reiki is a Japanese system of natural healing in which the Reiki practitioner gently lays her hands on various parts of the recipient’s body. The Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most, creating deep relaxation. Reiki works on many levels simultaneously by affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and strives to bring these into a state of balance and harmony.

What is a typical Reiki session like?

Unlike a massage, with a Reiki session, the individual remains fully clothed with the exception of their shoes. A session takes place on a massage table and generally lasts an hour. Usually there is soft lighting and soft music playing in the background. Sometimes a practitioner will burn incense. The Reiki practitioner gently and respectfully places her hands on various parts of the recipient’s body and holds that position for several minutes or more. (Some practitioners don’t actually touch the person and have their hands hovering above the recipient’s body.) The practitioner’s hands generally become very hot as a result of the Reiki energy. Since Reiki can be done most anywhere, accommodations can be made for individuals who have difficulty lying down. Reiki can also be done in a chair.

How will I feel after a Reiki session?

Each person responds differently. Reiki works where the person needs it most, therefore each session may vary. The most common things experienced during a session are physical relaxation and emotional calmness. Some people report having a decrease in pain along with having increased flexibility. Others report feeling clarity, well being or energized. Still others experience a much needed emotional release.

What are some reasons why people want to experience Reiki?

People schedule Reiki sessions for all sorts of reasons. Some just feel like they have too much stress in their lives and want to reduce the tension and worries they have. Others have physical pain and concerns* or feel as though they have been on an emotional roller coaster and want to calm down. Still others want to quiet their thoughts which seem to be racing, non-stop. There are probably as many reasons as there are people who come for a Reiki treatment! Some people are just curious and want to try Reiki for the experience. A person doesn’t have to have a “specific problem” to benefit from receiving a Reiki session. *Reiki is a complementary healing modality and can work in conjunction with Western or allopathic medicine. A Reiki practitioner should never diagnose illnesses or recommend that a client discontinue any other form of treatment or medication.

How will I know if a Reiki practitioner is “right” for me?

Trust your gut! It is perfectly fine to interview a person before you decide to schedule a Reiki session. You can ask them how long they’ve been doing Reiki, if they receive bodywork on a consistent basis, how they’ve come to find Reiki etc. or any other question you may have. If you feel comfortable speaking with the practitioner, that is a good sign. If something doesn’t feel right, trust that and move on to someone else.


Reiki Classes

Reiki Level I Class Certification

Individuals taking this class will learn how to transfer healing Reiki energy to themselves and to others. Also covered in this class is the history of Reiki and the basic hand positions with a strong emphasis on how to listen to and follow one’s intuition. This is a very experiential class. Students will receive an informative booklet and a Reiki I certificate at the end of class. Cost: Reiki I $150

Reiki Level II Certification

Individuals taking this class will learn the sacred symbols that intensify the Reiki energy and enable the practitioner to direct the energy to promote healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki II also enables individuals to practice long distance healing techniques. Students will receive an informative booklet and a Reiki II certificate at the end of class. Cost: Reiki II $225

**Please bring: a bed pillow, a picture of you when you were a child, your Reiki 1 booklet, a light lunch and a bottle of water to the level II class.**

Where: Classes are generally taught at Pathways to Health Wellness Center; 517 S. Orange Street; Media, PA 19076.

When: Classes are usually taught on a Saturday OR Sunday and go from 9:30am-5:00pm.

Cost: Reiki I class is $150 and Reiki II class is $225.

Reiki Master Classes are taught on a case by case basis in an apprenticeship manner. Please contact April for more information.