T’ai Chi Chih

What is T’ai Chi Chih®? (pronounced tie-chee-chuh)

T’ai Chi Chih® is a moving meditation that is easy to learn, does not require coordination or physical fitness and can be adapted to do while remaining seated. It is comprised of 19 moves and 1 pose. Each of the moves is repeated several times on the left and right side to promote balance and relaxation. Daily practice can involve doing all of the moves or just a few. The effects are cumulative so more consistent practice yields more apparent benefits.

How does T’ai Chi Chih® differ from T’ai Chi?

The significant difference between the two is that T’ai Chi Chih® is NOT a martial art. T’ai Chi (Ch’uan) is. T’ai Chi Chih® is comprised of only 19 moves while T’ai Chi is comprised of approximately 108 moves which are done, one after the other in a long sequence that generally takes about 6 months to learn. T’ai Chi Chih® can be learned in 8 or 9 classes, requires less space and is easy to learn. The translation for T’ai Chi Chih® is Supreme Ultimate Knowledge. The translation for T’ai Chi Ch’uan is Supreme Ultimate Fist.

What is the purpose of doing T’ai Chi Chih®?

The primary purpose for doing T’ai Chi Chih® is to activate, circulate and balance the “Chi” or life force energy in the body. With consistent practice, most anything within yourself that is “out of balance” can potentially be brought back into a state of harmony and balance.

What benefits will I experience with T’ai Chi Chih®?

Benefits vary depending on the person’s needs. Some people experience weight loss, stress reduction, increased balance and flexibility, increased ability to concentrate and stay focused, relief from chronic back or joint pain, enhanced intuitiveness and increased creativity. Each person seems to receive what he or she needs most. For more information go to: http://www.taichichih.org or http://www.gkpub.com