Linn & John A., Tinicum, PA

REIKI Testimonial

Both my husband and I have had several Reiki sessions with April and we highly recommend her to everyone.

Reiki is a profoundly enjoyable experience involving the Reiki Master’s perception of energy in one’s body.  There is no removal of clothing, no massaging, no intrusion whatsoever.

The movement of chi (energy) within one’s body is like a delightfully sensual journey in the calm peacefulness of his ancient treatment. One may perceive heat radiating from the Master’s hands, or a gentle flowing tingling within the body, or even a mental image of the energy as it comes to/through the body.

My husband’s back, and my shoulder/neck have benefited greatly from our Reiki sessions, however, it is not necessary to only consider Reiki because of illness or injury.  It is a wholesome gift to one’s body just as a matter of course.

At the end of the session, (and each one is unique unto itself), there is a feeling of peaceful calm, but at the same time a rejuvenation with a subtle invigorating sort of vibration throughout the body.  It is not at all like a massage – leaving one relaxed to the point of being a ‘wet noodle.’

Everyone deserves at least one session of Reiki with April – it is awesomely delicious.  I intend making Reiki a monthly routine – it is time and money ‘well invested in my well-being’.